Myopia Control

What is Myopia Control?

Myopia Control is a nonsurgical procedure that uses RGP contact lenses to prevent or retard the progression of myopia.  Unlike Orthokeratology, which uses RGP contact lenses to reshape a cornea that has already developed a myopic condition, Myopia Control is a preventative therapy that designed to prevent the progression of myopia.

Since myopia progression often begins during childhood, Myopia Control is usually a pediatric therapy.

What is the current state of the art in Myopia Control?

Myopia Control is current the subject of a great deal of academic interest and investigation.  Several detailed studies exploring the scope and effectiveness of Myopia Control have been conducted during the past decade.

How can I incorporate Myopia Control into my current practice?  

Many pediatric practitioners have incorporated Myopia Control into their practices to offer proactive, preventative options to parents whose children are subject to myopic progression.

To those practitioners who are experienced in the practice of Myopia Control, Danker Laboratories provides quality lens manufacturing services to the most exacting standards.  Our staff can manufacture therapeutic lenses in a wide variety of high Dk RGP Materials and according to virtually any practitioner-specified standards.

For those practitioners who are new to Myopia Control and are interested in incorporating Myopia Control into their practice, please contact Danker Laboratories at (800) 237-9641 or email us at