Danker Laboratories

Single-Vision RGP Contact Lenses

Danker Laboratories combines a half-century of manufacturing expertise, state-of-the-art precision machinery and a wide array of quality PMMA and RGP materials to provide custom-made contact lenses that satisfy virtually any requirement.

Danker ClearSight

    Our signature single-vision lens design...available exclusively in Boston ES.

Danker ClearSight Thin

    Our signature ultra-thin single-vision lens design...available exclusively in Boston ES.

Latitude GP

    Our patented, spherical design that neutralizes up to 4.0 diopters of WTR corneal astigmatism!


Custom Single Vision Lens Designs

In addition to its ClearSight line of single vision lenses, Danker Laboratories also offers a comprehensive selection of RGP materials in a wide variety of lens designs.

Our experienced design consultants have decades of experience assisting practitioners in the development of practitioner-specified, patient-specific custom lens designs to accommodate a comprehensive array of corneal requirements and fitting challenges, including:

Accordingly, our lens design and laboratory technicians are capable of satisfying virtually any practitioner-specified design requirement.

Available RGP Materials