ClearSight ThinTM

ClearSight Thin is ideal for patients who require a thin lens profile and minimal lid sensation.  The lens delivers crisp optics, exceptional patient comfort and consistent fitting performance.ClearSight Thin:  UltraThin lens design by Danker Laboratories

ClearSight Thin's AERCOR chemistry has a low silicone content and oxygen-permeable crosslinking, and is also available with UV absorption.


This lens is an excellent choice for first-time RGP lens patients, as well as for Polycon II replacement.


Diameters:      8.50 mm to 10.0 mm

Base Curve:    6.50 mm to 8.44 mm

Distance:         -20.0 D to +6.00 D

Add Power:     +0.75 to +3.00 D


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