Simultaneous Vision

Modified Progressive (Concentric) Design

The Danker Visionall is a revolutionary development in RGP multifocal design technology.

Designed with patented lens design software and manufactured with precision Optoform 50 CNC lathes, the Visionall is the first RGP multifocal lens to use true rotationally-symmetric base curve geometry to correct presbyopia for highly astigmatic patients. 

This design neutralizes up to 4.0 diopters of corneal astigmatism without the use of prism ballast, allowing a full 360 degrees of lens rotation and significantly enhancing the chances of success of fitting the highly astigmatic presbyope. 

Diameters:      8.50 mm to 10.0 mm

Base Curve:    6.50 mm to 8.44 mm

Distance:         -20.0 D to +12.00 D

Add Power:     +0.75 to +4.50 D


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