Translating Multifocal

Fused Crescent Design

The Austil-Focal lens is a translating/alternating multifocal design with a spherical base curve and a crescent-shaped reading segment located in the inferior zone of the front surface of the lens. The optics of the near-vision zone are lathed on the front surface of the lens, allowing the Austil-Focal to accommodate spherical, aspheric or toric base curve geometry.

This design allows the lens to position inferiorly, in primary gaze, so that the add segment does not intrude on the visual axis.  Upon down gaze, the lens translates upward, allowing the segment to position within the visual axis for near vision. 

This design is recommended for patients who suffer fitting problems arising from nasal or temporal rotation of the lens. The crescent-shaped add zone preserves acuity for up to 20% of nasal/temporal rotation.

Diameters:      8.50 mm to 10.0 mm

Base Curve:    6.50 mm to 8.44 mm

Distance:         -20.0 D to +6.00 D

Add Power:     +0.75 to +3.00 D


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