Translating Multifocal

Inverse Crescented Design

The Inverted Crescent is a translating/alternating multifocal design with a superior distance power zone and a large, inferior, crescent-shaped reading segment located on the front surface of the lens. The optics of the near-vision zone are lathed on the front surface of the lens, allowing the Inverted Crescent to accommodate spherical, aspheric or toric base curve geometry.

This designís large superior-zone reading segment makes it easier for patients to perform critical near vision tasks above eye level.  The crescent shape of the distance segment maintains distance-vision despite nasal rotation below the centerline of the lens, and therefore is often favored by patients who experience excessive lens rotation.  The crescent-shaped distance segment also enhances peripheral distance vision. 

Diameters:      8.50 mm to 10.0 mm

Base Curve:    6.50 mm to 8.44 mm

Distance:         -20.0 D to +6.00 D

Add Power:     +0.75 to +3.00 D



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