Latitude GP

The Danker Latitude GP is a unique, rotationally-symmetric RGP lens design that yields the optical performance of traditional toric lens geometry, yet can be fit and dispensed with the ease of a spherical lens.

The Latitude GP's patented base curve geometry neutralizes up to 4.0 diopters of with-the-rule corneal astigmatism without the use of prism ballast, allowing a full 360 degrees of lens rotation without regard to axis.

The Latitude GP is a truly spherical lens designed specifically for the high astigmat.  Its lack of prism ballast allows a more symmetrical lens profile that significantly enhances patient comfort and overall fitting success.

In addition, the Latitude GP is extremely easy to fit.  Unlike standard toric designs that require careful measurements of corneal axis and rotational stability to ensure continual visual acuity, the Latitude GP can be fit by submitting K readings and spectacle refraction.

Diameters:             9.2 and 9.6 mm

Base Curves:        7.34 to 8.33

Powers:                  -10.0 to +8.0