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 As a  website special, we are offering a great value on Single Vision RGP lenses. Order one pair of RGP lenses at regular list price and receive a spare pair at half price

This offer includes front, back and bitoric designs.  


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PermaCote and PermaTears

We have these 2 great products in stock and ready to ship!
PermaTears relieves tired eyes. Good for "too"many hours at the computer.

Custom Soft Lens Tinting

Visi & enhance (sphere)- $9.00

Visi & enhance (toric) - $15.00

Color Vision red - $25.00

Dark tints - $30.00

Dark tints with black pupil - $50.00

Black pupil - $20.00

Colors - Blue, Sky Blue, Aqua, Brown, Green, Yellow

Color vision and dark tints are best when used on 55% water content or higher soft lenses.

ClearSight Thin Special

Danker Laboratories, Inc. and Polymer Technology are pleased to announce that ClearSight Thin, our signature ultra-thin lens design, is now exclusively available in Boston ES material.  Featuring aspheric peripheral curves and precision CNC lathed surfaces, the ClearSight Thin is ideal for patients requiring minimal lid sensation and consistent fitting performance.

ClearSight Thin's AERCOR chemistry has a low silicone content and oxygen-permeable crosslinking, and is also available with UV absorption.

Now through December 31, 2007,  ClearSight Thin is available at 50% off standard pricing.  

To obtain this special discount, simply request the "Clearsight Thin Website Discount" when you place your order!!!!!

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Visionall Multifocal Special

The Visionall Multifocal neutralizes up to 4.0 diopters of corneal astigmatism and fits like a sphere...because it is a sphere.  Our revolutionary patented lens design uses no toric geometry or prism ballast, allowing 360 degrees of rotation. This lens is ideal for your "rotationally challenged" presbyopic patients. 

Now through December 31, 2007, 

Try Your First Pair of Visionall Multifocals at 50% off the full standard price.

The Visionall Multifocal is available in 


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